Scott Nolan

Scott Nolan is a Partner at Founders Fund, where he focuses on investments in technology-driven companies across sectors including energy, biotechnology, aerospace, healthcare and advanced manufacturing.  Scott is a board member at CollectiveHealth, Tachyus, Tribogenics and two other companies currently in stealth mode.

Prior to Founders Fund, Scott was an early employee at SpaceX.  There, he helped develop the propulsion systems used on the Falcon 1, Falcon 9 and Dragon vehicles and was responsible for the Dragon capsule’s thermal and environmental control subsystems.

After SpaceX, Scott spent time at Bain & Company working with its private equity clients, and co-founded a startup building social web apps on the Facebook Connect platform.  Scott earned both a BS and MEng in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University in 4 years, and received his MBA from Stanford University where he was co-president of the Entrepreneurs Club.