Anatomy of Next Season Two

Season Two, Episode Zero // Fermi’s Paradox

Anatomy of Next: Utopia. Episode 5: Reality

Episode 5: Reality

In Conversation: Synthetic Biology

Featuring: Laura Deming, Anselm Levskaya, Michael Solana, and Aaron VanDevender


A Conversation With Nick Bostrom [Unabridged]

New Realities Tim Bradshaw

A History of VR with Tim Bradshaw


Video: Palmer Lucky, CEO

Anatomy of Next: Utopia. Episode 4: Superintelligence

Episode 4: Superintelligence

Machines That Learn

A primer on neural nets and deep learning

The Future of Human and Artificial Intelligence

An essay by Luke Nosek for The Wall Street Journal

Who’s afraid of A.I.?

A conversation with George Hotz [unabridged]

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

A primer by Scott Nolan and Mohit Kaushal