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Richard Fuisz, Biologist
Ryan Weed, Founder and CEO, Positron Dynamics
John Bradford, President and COO, SpaceWorks Enterprises
Katherine Grabek, Founder and CSO, Fauna Bio
Linda Goodman, Founder and CTO, Fauna Bio
Richard Muller, Physicist, Professor of Physics, UC Berkeley
Mike Solana, VP, Founders Fund


SEASON TWO FINALE, and we enter the galaxy. From building an atmosphere and an ocean to genetically-modified flora, new AR construction paradigms, and the directed evolution of our second branch of human civilization, we’ve created a new world on Mars. But what comes next for humanity? Let’s take a look at the mechanics of interstellar travel in antimatter propulsion, hibernation technology, and time dilation. Then, why are we doing this? In our concluding episode we talk about the shape of the universe, we push back against the heat death of reality, and let’s just go ahead and ask the question: what is the meaning of life?



“Kill V. Maim” (Clair Elise Boucher)
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