Anatomy of Next returns this fall with a single question: how do we build a new world?

Mars, our closest neighbor, isn’t only the landing site for humanity’s next adventure in space, it’s the future home for a new branch of human civilization. How do we get there, first, and then how do we redesign a hostile planet to support life? From rocketry and alien architecture to nanoscopic design, genetic engineering, and machine intelligence we’ll explore every aspect of transforming Mars into a habitable, living environment. Then, what is the future of government? Education? The economy? How will technology shape the future of our species, and with it life itself?


Anatomy of Next: New World launches this fall, but we’d like to share a small piece of what we’ve been working on. In Episode Zero we work sideways into the question of Mars with an exploration of Fermi’s Paradox, a popular thought experiment in Silicon Valley. If alien life is naturally occurring, and intelligence emergent, why don’t we see signs of it? Today, from simulation to megastructural engineering we broach humanity’s fascination with the search for life outside our homeworld, and we approach the question behind the question, concerning not only what exists beyond us, but what exists within us.


What are the limits of human potential?