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Robert Zubrin, author, Merchants of Despair
Trae Stephens, partner, Founders Fund, co-founder Anduril
Alex Silverman, producer, Anatomy of Next
Mike Solana, VP, Founders Fund

With Zack Hargreaves, John Luttig, Cyan Banister, Scott Nolan


In the season premiere of Anatomy of Next: New World, we looked at the likely shape of our first mission to Mars, and we introduced our goal: transforming the Red Planet into a world friendly to life, and building a new branch of human civilization. In Episode 2.2, we look at why we must. Two philosophies drive our thinking on the subject of Mars — humanism and anti-humanism. We explore both, and challenge the pernicious Malthusian myths, from overpopulation to scarcity, that that threaten our human potential.

Then, a new planet? How do you build something with a time horizon of 100 years? Optimism is useful, but determinate thinking is essential.



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